My All-Knowing God

Many times, I know God has a plan. Maybe I even admit that God has a plan. But do I really believe in His plan? I've heard it said, "People say what they think they believe. But they will live what they really believe."

I've realized how I've doubted that God is truly all-knowing. Over the past few months, certain situations didn't work out like I'd hoped or planned. In fact, some longterm plans were completely cancelled. It was so close! I thought. It was so close to all working out!

As if God didn't know that.

Even when I didn't deserve to see and experience His faithfulness, He allowed me to see this week how He is all-knowing. If everything had "worked out" exactly the way I had wanted it to (two months ago), I would be in the middle of a disaster right now. I remember thinking, Everything seems so right; technically, things shouldn't still be on hold. Maybe there's a reason..."

A reason, yes.

God doesn't exactly work within my "technically..." expectations. And most of all, unexpected delays and changes (to me) certainly aren't unexpected to Him. They're part of His story; He wrote them, knowing every word in the upcoming chapter.

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Katie said...

Laura, thank you for your post on my blog. I love hearing from the people that look at it. It's fun to see that someone has actually looked at the site! ;) I really enjoyed looking at your site as well.

As far as the Russia trip goes, I am still trying to see where God leads me with all of that. My cousins currently are working with a team in Moscow, but they are praying about the possibility of moving back to the US. That, of course, would definitely complicate my plans some. So I'm just praying with them right now and also praying that God will lead me in where I should go. I loved looking at your Moscow pictures!!

By the way, I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write you back. I had some problems with Blogger for a few weeks and I couldn't get on here at all.