"'My people shall be satisfied with My goodness,' says the Lord"

(Jer. 31:14).

Satisfied with His goodness? Is that what the Lord wants in my life?

Satisfied [Hebrew definition]: to fill to satisfaction, have enough, have plenty of, be satiated, satisfy, be to the full

Goodness [Hebrew definition]: good, in the widest sense: the best; beauty, gladness, welfare, joy

To be full of the Lord's beauty and joy--to be satiated with His best. Another aspect is to see how He promises that His good will be enough for me. I don't always see what I need, and I seek to be full of and satisfied with something else.

His goodness is enough.

"Your Word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path"
(Ps. 110:105).

The Lord's Word should be the foundation of my decisions, thoughts and ideas. I keep trying to catch a gleam of directing light from my own logic, from others' advice, from emotions of the moment, from the world's perspective. Although any of these may contain truth, they are not Truth. "Send Your light and Your truth: let them lead me..." Cultures, feelings, logic - they change, but God does not. His truth does not change.

Other sources of "light" can be tempting, because they supposedly offer insight and direction more broadly: more of the future path appears to be revealed. God's Spirit, God's truth, often give light only for the next step.

I need contentment for living and trusting ... step by step. No, not just contentment -- satisfaction and joy in resting in the truth God's given me for today.

I don't thank God for His goodness only because of my hope of tomorrow ... but because
He is good today.