A Story of Us


"We Fell in Love"

It would appear that the author of CaffĂ© Latte con Amor has been with more occupied with “caffĂ© latte,” “amor,” or some other pastime outside of blogging. That’s a true story. And I suppose the following has more to do with love than lattes, so be warned.

In the words of my brother regarding his own love story…

“We met.”

“We fell in love.”

“We got married.”
Between meeting and falling in love, Daniel and I enjoyed many years of friendship. I’m not interested in posting the few “friends-and-not-at-all-in-love” pictures of that time period, and I assure you that you’re not interested in seeing them.

The events of the past year--particularly the last six months--have been such a surprise to me that words like beautiful, miraculous and surreal are inadequate to describe them. I have received gifts of experiences, friendships, lessons and love that I did not anticipate and that I do not deserve.

I opened my journal recently and noticed a comment from January 1 of this year. I had written something like, "I wish I knew what would fill the pages of this upcoming year..."

I'm glad I didn't. I think I would still be hiding under my bed. :)

Someties I'm so impatient during waiting times to discover "what's next." But over and over, in retrospect, I'm amazed and grateful at the timing God graciously allows. However unexpected, the events of the past six or eight months were perfectly orchestrated and overwhelmingly peaceful.

On this 34th day of "happily ever after," I shall close for now and save more updating for later.

Signed, a happy wife in Canada.