Challenge ... Report

In January, I joined a challenge to read the Bible in six months. April 1st marked the halfway point on the calendar, but I’m just now giving a reading update. I should be on about Day 100 … and I’m not. I have to agree with Kaylene's post earlier this week; I don't have legitimate reasons to fall behind! So the technical report is that I'm about twenty days behind schedule.

That said (i.e. what I haven't read), here's the good news (i.e. what I have read)!

For the first time, I'm reading the Bible chronologically. There's no perfect, historically-accurate list, but this new order has really challenged my thinking. For example, I can tell you the books of the Bible that Solomon wrote. But it's given me a different perspective to actually read Proverbs and Song of Solomon while I'm also reading 1 Kings and 2nd Chronicles. It's helped me see the stories in context and realize how deeply parts of the Bible are interwoven.

I'm looking forward to reading about the kings of Israel and Judah ... with the minor prophets sprinkled around in the right spots. I've never been able to connect those very well.

I intend to catch up, and look forward to doing so! My friend Marcus gives some encouragement about catching up, finishing well, and learning willingly in his post Success in Failure.